'Close Encounters of the Roslindale Kind'

by Eric Gaffney



This was recorded on Reel-to-Reel tape... Analog, 15 i.p.s.
Roslindale, MA. Christmas 1981.
i played the Xylophone part, and Asi Drum Dylan, bells & percussion, Asante, piano, Gaff, a horn of some kind... & the cymbal washes
2-track recording... we recorded a live overdub over the initial track... Improvisational, 'close encounters of the third kind' theme.


released December 25, 1981



all rights reserved


Eric Gaffney

'Face of Man,' (solo 4-track 1989) 'Nature Walk,' 'Cosmic Chicken & Egg,' 'Chicopee Moose Project' (Live) 'World Turned Upside Down' & more... Not on a record label or corporation & not available in Stores! 'Recording on 4-track tape since 1986'

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